This blog site is a resource for Muslims. It is mainly a compilation from other sources.


As a general rule anything that is not forbidden or questionable in Islam is permitted. There are many levels between something that is permitted and encouraged to forbidden and a sin.

Some of the resources referenced in this  are not Islamic, but as these specific references we believe do not contradict Islamic principles they are included. For example kissing information are from general sources. The site is compiled by a practicing Muslims but not Scholars. Always trust your fitrah and intuition, if something doesn’t sound or feel right, it probably isn’t.  If in doubt leave or check with a local scholar. This is just a starting point and a resource.

We live in a world that is media and sex saturated. Eg 100 best ways to have sex, Perfect sex, Great Sex,…. Think about it in times gone by, people lived satisfactory lives with out all this junk, pornography etc. There are just a few guidelines Islamically about what is prohibited and guidelines for what to do. The rest is a creative endeavor between husband and wife. As long as it doesn’t go outside the bounds and you are both comfortable with it and enjoy it, go with it.

Please avoid the work of “Islamic Kama Sutra” by Amar Khan (when you Google subject his site comes up first). Why avoid because they are self declared Muslim Apostates. If you are intrigued by Amar Khan’s claims, there is a good Muslim response at this link. This work “Islam and Sex, move over Kama Sutra” is a compilation from other referenced sources. The clear guidelines are from Islamic sources.


We hope the rest of the site will educate and inspire you. We do NOT dispense advice, so please do not contact us with particular personal questions (they will go unanswered). Our intentions are pure and we believe there is greater benefit in having a site like this, as opposed to people ending up with random information from the web from questionable resources. If you do not like this site, that is your prerogative, but we are not interested in hearing comments about how this is Haram and we will go to Hell. So no rants and raves.

Besides this, if there is some positive comment, question insight that can help the wider community please direct them to us.


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