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Sex Dysfunction

Fast sex nation, moving beyond Viagra –

Fast Sex Nation Moving beyond Viagra Based in based on the lecture “The McDonaldization of Sex” by Dr. Leonore Tiefer 1 There is also a good write up by Dr. Shahid Athar called Sex, Viagra and Islam.

  1. In March 1998 the FDA approved Viagra as a treatment for erectile dysfunction(ED). “Ask your doctor if Viagra is right for you.”
  2. Sales were sensational!The first year 3million men were treated with Viagra translating into $1.5billion in sales. By2003, 6 million men were taking Viagra and sales rose to$1.7 billion
  3. With the introduction of Levitra and Cialis the drug industry estimates the potential market for these drugs to be30-40 million men in30-the U.S. alone.
  4. The drug industry has expanded the notion of ED encourages the use of these drugs as an enhancement to sexual pleasure, relationships, and women
  5. So what’s the problem?Sexual Dysfunction exists
  6. But Viagra isn’t the fix for most people. ED has psychological, social causes, physical causes, and more
  7. Myth: 30 Million men have erectile dysfunction
  8. Reality: It is too inclusive Any problem with an erection is included. They didn’t ask and is it a problem for you?
  9. Female sexual dysfunction(FSD): Claim is 43% of women suffer
  10. Corporate message sells insecurity to sell you product
  11. We get sound bites about sex
  12. Sexual-medicine industry, a lot of parallels to Fast food industry 4 principles of fast food society: Efficiency, numbers game, predictable, cookie cutter.
  13. A new sexual health industry, as unhelpful as media. Own agenda and interested in narrow and mechanical view of sex
  14. Norms from magazines, from sex advice columns. Most are not based on real peoples real letters
  15. 10 sex tips to drive your man or woman wild
  16. New sexual health industry not doing it thru science, sex research or sex education
  17. New mens sexual health clinics and womens that come in major newspapers everyday.
  18. Many of these ads are franchises that focus on building anxiety
  19. Warning: Expensive genital tests etc. look very scientific, eg blood flow, probably but 9out of 10 times get prescription for Viagra or other sex drug.
  20. They focus on 4 things: Efficiency, numbers game,predictable, cookie-cutter sex
  21. Big Pharmas message: “Listen Everyone you need routine “perfect”and regular desire for sex and orgasm”
  22. Big Pharmas message:If you’re not having perfect- perfect-routine sex it isa problem or condition, a sex dysfunction.
  23. Big Pharmas message:You should correct by taking something for life, eg Viagra. Guess what it is not a cure, pure profit
  24. Occasional failed erection caused by Stress Alcohol Fatigue Recreational drugs Relationship problems Its OK!
  25. Why?Sex can be so many things. It is not perfect,routine, regular enactment of some script.
  26. A Script is written by someone else and performed by others. Whose script are you following?
  27. They give Instructions on how to make love.
  28. There are no drugs for making love. Love is neither science nor art
  29. .Myth: Sex is Less to do with feeling and more about function
  30. .You don’t hear about problems that people have making love sometimes they are physiological.
  31. Ads never connect cultural diversity to sex or validate changes in body over time.
  32. Ads have universal one size fits model routine, standardized sex and they call it “real sex.”
  33. There is no real sex.Sex is social construct. There is reproduction.
  34. There is no real sex.We are exposed to sexual hype night and day.
  35. Performance anxiety used to be number one issue. Eg erection or premature ejaculation Viagra, creates performance anxiety, that’s part of marketing.
  36. Advertisements Don’t accept anything but perfect erection or go to doctors office.
  37. Advertisements Anxiety over sex: more common in young or people in life transitions.
  38. Before sex was hidden and so private it may have caused some anxiety.
  39. Now sex is so in the open and not hidden, it is the other extreme.
  40. People feel they can’t measure up to what is the norm. There is no built-in norm
  41. By emphasizing the mechanics Doctors and pharma companies keep the focus on performance insecurity without offering anything other than medical diagnosis and treatments.
  42. Sex, It’s no longer a hobby its an obligation
  43. Viagra OK for a few Appropriately used Viagra can be helpful to some. Eliminates about80% of people who take it
  44. Warning: Viagra is serious medication that interacts with other medicines but it doesn’t fix anything, you have to take it forever.
  45. Why are you using Viagra? To get an erection. How good or bad was your erection before? Why did you have the problem with erection? Some people taking it as insurance
  46. Why are you using Viagra?There are so many things you do for intimacy, for pleasure for self expression that don’t require a hard erection.
  47. Hard erection is just one piece of the full story. It’s a nice component of a full sexual experience.
  48. If penis is broken, first thing to see is if you can have a great sex life anyway
  49. Only 50% of men get refills for Viagra It is not as effective as its claimed Good for 10% of people who are using it.
  50. Viagra has side effects. Take it judicially. Eg nausea and dizziness
  51. Let’s take a different approach
  52. Sex isn’t a Competitive performance sport
  53. Our job is to avoid being gullible. Check out library, internet and bookstore. The McDonaldization of Sex lecture by Dr. Leonore Tiefer
  54. Check this out
  55. We need to learn to adapt But there are no drugs for selling adapting.
  56. We are all embodied spiritual beings, we are all sexually different,our capacities for pleasure are different. You have to work it out and negotiate with your partner
  57. Sexuality should be a life affirming source of pleasure intimacy and playful regression
  58. Sex isn’t just intercourse Perfectly normal couples might like to do without sex,how about cuddling
  59. Pleasure isn’t restricted to genitals
  60. Satisfaction is the successful achievement of Expectations
  61. Open your minds and hearts and souls about sexuality at a new level, keep talking.

Stages of Sex
Physical: Excitement, Plateau orgasm, Resolution
Psychological: Seduction, Senasations, Surrender, Reflection

Slow Sex
Shallow thrusting. to delay ejaculation use shallow thrust. As you near ejaculation you instinctively go deeper and deeper
More powerful when combined with breathing
Very rapid breaking accompanies impending ejaculation
By taking slow breath you curb the urge to ejaculate

To perform soft entry, guide penis into vagina and when in, grip base of penis with foregfinger and thumb. This will trap blood and and make it stiffer
The thursting may cause full erection man can release grip on penis and continue with lovemaking


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