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Reignite the passion and spice up your marriage

What is fresh and brings two people together in marriage can over time become stale. So how can you keep the passion alive? Every so often, we have to revisit and reinvent our marriage. Find out what is working, keep it going, what is not, goes out of the door, and what can improve, just build on it.

Relationships are never static, and with the passage of time, which includes having children, the dynamics of family relationships, work, and everything that encompasses married life, you have to dynamically adapt.

If you are committed to your relationship, you can both work together to reignite and spice up your marriage. What follows below are some suggestions. In the end you can brainstorm and find out what works for you both.

  1. Share a little romance from saying “I love you”, to a phone call, to doing some of the other ideas that we suggest on the site, eg a short note left in a place where your spouse will find it.
  2. Take regular walks, hikes, or other activities where you’re physically active but have the attention of each other. It is a great way to not only reduce stress, but by being in a different environment, better communicate.
  3. Address issues that may be becoming barriers in your love for each other. But don’t try to address them all at once. Don’t be defensive. Just hearing each other out is half the problem.
  4. If due to work schedules you are not having dinner together every day, pick a few days where it is mandatory that you do eat together. If one partner mainly cooks, let the other be the guest chef on those nights. Why, to make it even more romantic you can cook together.
  5. Change the layout of your bedroom. This doesn’t cost anything. Over longer periods of time, you can change the bedding and furniture.
  6. Reserve your energy for each other. There is nothing worse than two working spouses who come home each day beat, without any reserve of intimate energy for each other.
  7. Vary the time/day of having sex, try a new position, place. Again there are many suggestions on the site.
  8. Pick a date night (even if you have children). Rather than going to the tried and trusted places, discover new restaurants to eat at and places to visit. You should feel like you are trying to woo your spouse. It’s ok to flirt (with each other).
  9. Sitting under the stars isn’t just a cliché. It’s an opportunity to recount good memories.
  10. Tell your partner not only that you love them, but what you love in and about them.
  11. Meet up with common friends with common values. Without getting into intimate details talk about life and you will find out not only you have so much in common, but how other couples deal with issues. Keep it light, and in good spirit.
  12. Buy your spouse an unexpected gift. The more gift giving is impromptu and unexpected the more valuable it is.
  13. Although the bedroom is the most intimate place for a married couple, you can still have a change, by trying out different places within the house.
  14. You don’t have to spend a fortune, to go on  a cruise or exotic vacation. Taking a drive a couple of hours away from home and staying in a bed and breakfast is a welcome change.
  15. Be generous with your compliments, hugs, and kisses.

Never take your spouse for granted. Remember although what brought you together may vary, from physical attraction to personality it is your kindness over time that will revive and maintain your marriage (ofcourse we’re assuming all other key pillars are upright). Keep reinventing your marriage and the passion of life will be continually ingited.


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