Butterfly Garden

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The Veiled Garden

Here are the Table of Contents.

σ CHAPTER 1: Faith, Spirituality, and Love
in the Oasis Garden 7

σ CHAPTER 2: Enter the Garden of Love

σ CHAPTER 3: The Botanical garden: Solid
Foundations for Saying I Do 23

σ CHAPTER 4: The Orchid garden:
Foreplay and Arousal 30

σ CHAPTER 5: The Bonsai garden: Deeping
the Sense of Touch 41

σ CHAPTER 6: The Fig leaf garden: Amp
Up Your Undressing 48

σ CHAPTER 7: The Hanging Garden: Sex
Positions and Ancient Texts 54

σ CHAPTER 8: The Sacred Garden:
Virginity and Blooming Sexuality 77

σ CHAPTER 9: Role-playing
in the Garden 92

σ CHAPTER 10: The Wildflower garden:
Rejuvenating Passion After Years of
Marriage 102

σ CHAPTER 11: The Passion fruit garden:
Full Course Sex 108

σ CHAPTER 12: Pornography and Truly
Forbidden Fruits 118

σ CHAPTER 13: The walled garden: Affairs
and Dysfunction 122

σ CHAPTER 14: The Rain garden: Seeds of Insight 130



useful links

Marriage And Sexual Intercourse

Following is a good resource, has Shia POV on temporary marriage.

What’s Islam say about Muslims having sex outside of Marriage? TheDeenShow: Video

Modesty: The Missing Element by Nouman Ali Khan

Safe Sex in Islam – The Islamic Aproach to Intimacy with Imam Siraj Wahhaj on TheDeenShow

Sex Outside of Marriage: You Will Never Be Satisfied!

Husbands and Wives: Be Patient With Each Other


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