The Garden of Delight

Creative Fun Ideas to spice up your marriage

1. Go to the beach: pick a remote spot
-take a blanket or large beach towels
-an umbrella
-cooler with soft drinks
2. Play in the sprinklers
3. Go to the movies
-sit in the back
-put a jacket over your laps and flirt
4. Climb into backseat during car wash
5. Eat an ice-cream cone together
6. or bite off sugar cones end put it through cone while its soft. enjoy and when its hard and breaks out of cone
use icecream without chunks fruit/nuts and is soft
7. Have a pillow fight nearly nude
Playful flirtation great form of seduction
8. wrestle on the bed, ticklem tease and taste
9. Make it a halal affair. just as you would try to keep it secret
and have lingere, and perfume, and little notes, and anticipation, etc.
10. Its a myth that orgasm is goal of sex. Dont try to achieve some fabled height of intimacy, slow down, and match your partners breathing
11. Sex doesnt have to proceed in a linear fashion, the ebb and flow of arousal is all over
12. Blind fold your lover, whisper something in their ear
eg I will take you on a wonderful journey  through the world of your senses
play different sounds and space them out
gently stroke your partners face, skin neck, arms and hands with your touch toolkit
Move onto smell ad then taste. pass mouth to mouth
go very slowly
13.Connect heart to genital chakra. When stimulating an area breathe love deeply and touch the heart
14. Use the 4 elements earth, air, fire and water
15. Put a piece of driftwood, a living plant, or fresh cut flowers with rounded soft leaves in bedroom.
Air becomes visible when we light incense
Water may be represented by a small fountain
Color makes a difference to mood.
16. Food Play: Melt chocolate in the microwave and draw chocolate lines on your partner then you slowly lick them off
Use a kitchen brush to paint chocolate on body parts you want your partner to lick
and indulge
17. Do a lap dance. Imagine you’re in Turkish Moorish room draped with purples and reds of the desert, a low platform bed and layers of brightly colored rugs.
pretend to be slave and sultan or the frightened virgin seduced by the pirate of the desert. Recreate a scene eg Mutiny on the Bounty on Tahiti

Check out DVD to Lap dance “The art of exotic dancing for everyday women” by Laurie Conrad

18. Give yourself permission to get into character.
It can be change of speech, posture or apparel,
you just have to assume that role, like an actor think how different you feel when you wear formal wear or your workout clothes
Synchronizing heart rates. Couples place hands on each others hearts and adjust their breathing rates so they are synchronized

19. Change the bedsheets to hi thread count ones
20. Try new tastes and smells: Balck licorice, candy, cucumber, baby powder lavenda and pumpkin pie great smells
Try a new perfume
21 Heighten the senses. Try:

frozen grape
lip gloss
suking or biting lips gently
whipped cream, honey, ice cube, choc sauce
try blindfolded

22. Play strip Foosball or some other game. The lose of each point has to take off one item of clothing
Back away from her breasts and blow on them. Close hot. further away cool. Women can also do this.
23. Pull out a flashlight under the covers
24. Use rolling pin to give a gentle massage on back
25. Use a straw to blow on your partners body
26. Create a Touch basket
light scratching
light biting
blowing eg behind ear face etc.


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