Passion Fruits

The pleasure and passion of foreplay

Give your spouse a massage. You may give them a simple back rub or a full body massage with essential oils.

1. Your Favorite Fruit Keep a small bowl of your favorite, sensual fruit like strawberries, oranges or grapes in your refrigerator. When the mood strikes, hand feed each other or eat it off of each other.

2. Edible Lotions Depending on your tastes, try chocolate body paint or edible massage oils.

3. Lingerie Sight plays a large part of intercourse. Tantalize your partner with a few sexy pieces of apparel.

4. Sensual Music Everyones taste differs. Experiment to see which music gets you in the mood!

5. Sensual Stories/Poetry Love the sound of your partners voice? Imagine them telling you a sensual story starring you…

6. Silky Sheets/Blanket The feeling of something soft, silky (eg high thread cotton) and smooth can enhance your sense of touch like no other.

7. Feather Foreplay can be fun or passionate… especially if you use this essential appropriately.

8. >Blindfold Sometimes the best way to heighten your senses is to render one useless. A blindfold can add a degree of intimacy and trust in your partner that other things cannot. Remember to talk to your partner about how they feel about using one before actually doing so.

9. >Romantic Game Your level of intimacy will determine what games to purchase. Games are an excellent and creative way to initiate a lovemaking session.

10. >Love Coupons This may not seem like a typical foreplay essential, but used correctly it can enhance all levels of your intimacy. Give yourself and your partner 5 to 10 blank “As You Wish” coupons. Explain that they can only be used during intimate moments. Every time your partner uses one, youll get to find out something they enjoy.

11. Hand- Hand-write love letters to each other or simply call one another to let your partner know how much you love them for the pleasure of Allah. You may also Place hidden love notes in his/her lunch, on the bathroom mirror, or his/her briefcase.

12. Intimacy: feeling a closeness, can share anything with other person. Passion: intense sexual desire, physical attractiveness. Commitment: desire for long term continuation of relationship. Identifying components can help get closer to romantic fulfillment.

13. Any act that creates and enhances sexual desire in a sexual partner may constitute foreplay, including: Kissing Touching Embracing Talking Teasing (teasing, in this case, may include methods of satisfaction, such as erotic sexual denial) Undressing each other (source Wiki)

14. Conventional Sex Tantric Lovemaking• Sexual energy goes down; • Sexual energy directed we are drained upwards; we are nourished• Orgasm limited to genitals • Orgasm can happen anywhere in the body• Build to orgasm by muscle tension, holding breath • Expand orgasm through whole body, breathing fully, • Quick to the Finish Line staying relaxed Goal-oriented • Take time for extended loveplay, union, and afterglow.

15. KUNDALINI ENERGYDORMANT IN FIRST CHAKRA Women’s Men’s first first chakra chakra is high in the located near vagina, on the prostate posterior gland, 1-2” up wall, 1” from from cervix perineum Usually NOT usually stimulated stimulated during sex during sex.

16. WHATS THE RUSH: TAKE YOUR TIME 1. One of the difficult things for men to do in bed is having the patience to maintain and enjoy foreplay without giving in to his own sexual desires. It is important that you do not enter into the sexual intercourse too soon without thinking if your lady is ready for it. Remember to take the time to increase your womans arousal level so you can giver her both the maximum emotional and sexual pleasure she will not forget.

17. WHATS THE RUSH: TAKE YOUR TIME 2. Change your moves. Do things at random. Change from one technique to another during foreplay. Kiss her all through out her body and in different parts, with different softness and firmness. Variation is the keyword so you will not bore her and change her mood.

18. WHATS THE RUSH: TAKE YOUR TIME 3. It is important that you lead a woman through the sexual experience especially if you know that she is not that experienced. Do it gently, yet firmly. Keep your voice modulated and sensual when you tell her or show her where you want her to be and what you want her to do. Heighten and build up yours and her excitement towards sex itself.

19. WHATS THE RUSH: TAKE YOUR TIME 4. Create a mood with perfect timing. The most effective thing a good lover can do to increase the sexual pleasure of a woman is to build up the womans anticipation. Tempt her and seduce her.

20. WHATS THE RUSH: TAKE YOUR TIME5. Remember, if you make a woman feel and enjoy the whole sexual experience, she would want to have sex with you whenever you both have a chance to do. Always be aware of what she desires, what and where gives her greater pleasures and satisfaction.

21. WHATS THE RUSH: TAKE YOUR TIME Women want to feel loved. They want to be touched and held gently and sometimes, depending on their mood, they want you to be naughty. Your ultimate goal is to provide her sexual excitement and fulfillment. By keeping your woman pleased in bed, your own sexual satisfaction will surely be more heightened, thus leading to greater pleasures for you, too.

22. KISSING Kissing during foreplay may be on the mouth or encompass other areas of the body. Deep kissing, also, involves the physical contact of tongues and can also imply the tongue entering another persons mouth. Kiss like a carpet of flowers from naval up Good kiss leaves recipient breathless not asphyxiated.

23. KISSING Other areas for kissing may include the partners: Ears Breasts Cheek Stomach Neck Back Eyelids Inner thighs. Shoulders Whatever turns you both on,…

24. OTHER INSIGHTS Passionate sex requires higher levels of physical fitness, so get fit Beds: harder is better Top of mattress should be level with mans pubic bone. 4 pillows, 2 hard to put under buttocks and 2 soft to sleep on Duvets are better than blankets (they move with you and don’t restrict) Use feather to tickle and stimulation Urinate and use bathroom before entering bed to relieve bladder pressure Keep glass of water handy to moisten mouth Use a flavored lip-gloss or fruit flavored candy eg Halls to get a tingle 49 Blindfold, focuses attention on senses

25. OTHER INSIGHTS CONTD: UNDRESSING As men are visual and climax quickly Most men ejacualte 2mins after penetration. The goal of Foreplay is to make it last for 15-25 mins before intercourse. You can slow things down. How? Undressing is a lost art Undress slowly infront of each other. Eg take bra off but leave sweater on. Do it infront of mirror Talk to each other, it can be sensual. Tell her you are looking forward to it.

26. OTHER INSIGHTS CONTD: BUILD STAMINA Just like prepping for a marathon you build your stamina over time Try to hold of ejaculation longer every time by a few mins. Men should eg close their eyes, so turn on is slower.

27. OTHER INSIGHTS CONTD: NICE PROPS Use a pearl necklace (doesn’t have to be real) just long to tease him Keep a small bottle of massage oil close to you. Try flavored lip-gloss Get a scent you both like eg Jasmine Use mystery and get a mardi Gras mask Its useful having a low mattress Have sex in the shower, woman can eg raise one leg and put on shower wall or up on spouse.

28. OTHER INSIGHTS CONTD: Notes from Men’s Health, Guide to the best sex in the world Best sex comes from deep relaxation and high stimulation It is important to be fit. Eg If man is over-weight and has big waist, for every 15 pounds extra, you lose ½” of penetration Practice Kegels, 20, 50, 100, wherever you can, in car at desk. Practice peaking exercise. If #1 is no arousal and 10 is ejaculation, have partner stimulate you to a 3, then let peak go down. Relax for 1-2 mins and then take next peak to a #4 Relax and focus on sensation. Flex your PC muscle to stop ejaculation.

29. OTHER INSIGHTS CONTD: For men, testicles have many nerve endings (just like tip of penis). Avoid direct contact, to give your self more time. Focus on her and giving her pleasure instead of you. Good sex is like driving to a far away city Orgasm is destination, but focus on small turns and you’ll get there. Slippery lubricant can reduce friction. Becareful about using Vaseline with Condoms, they are not compatible During intercourse alternate between deep and shallow thrusts, it increases stimulation gradually.

30. OTHER INSIGHTS CONTD Most of her nerve endings in vagina are in first few inches, that is why stimulation to the clitoris is important. This can be done using finger or carefully with penis Practice breathing To slow it down men, share your breathing pattern and connect emotionally with your partner and have minimal movement By slowing down it allows men to explore sexually for themselves Developing hyper awareness is road to greater control.

31. LISTEN TO SENSUAL MUSIC Le Groove Eclectique Princess Nubiennes Six Erotic journeys by Mystic Ocean Love deluxe by Sade Wild Orchid soundtrack French Kiss Kamasutra: Shah Al Grover Khan Sensual B-tribe Sensuous: Rendezvous., Under a lovers moon Nouvea Flamenco.

32. OTHER INSIGHTS CONTD Take a break when you’re at a point of no return. Treat this as a way to slow down and bring her up to speed After 1-2 mins re-engage.

33. SEXUAL ETHICS Sex is the ultimate expression of love and is a total physical and emotional encounter. In a brief but beautiful expression the Quran refers, to this relation between husbands and wives saying: “They are your garments and you are their garments.” (2:187) Here are just a few thoughts about what to avoid Pornography (it desensitizes you from real sex) Taking photos or video in states of undress (its degrading and you’ll never know where it could end up) Being forcefull(remember even between spouses it has to be consensual).

34. FANTASY. Again this is covered in other sections. As long as you’re not imagining unlawful acts, this is part of the creativity. You could rescue your damsel in distress or play something extra-ordinary.

34. THAT’S IT Sources of this material are varied. With Good intentions, good will, creativity, and prayers this will be a wonderful journey


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