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Is there any particular position for sexual intercourse, which is forbidden in Islam? No! As far as the basic coital positions are concerned, there are no restrictions. The term ‘basic coital positions’ denotes the positions known as the man above, face to face, woman above face to face; side position, face to face; rear-entry position in which the husband penetrates the vagina from the rear. Actually, the Shariah has left it on the husband and the wife to explore and experiment as they wish. However, it is makruh to adopt a standing position, or to face the Qiblah or keep it on the backside during the intercourse. It is advisable to refrain from the acrobatic positions given by some sexologists of the East and the West, which might even cause physical harm.

Remember, the basic rule is mutual pleasure and flexibility. If one partner does not like a particular position, then the other should yield to his or her feelings. It is highly emphasized that at the commencement of intercourse the partners should recite Bismillaahir Rah’maanir Rah’eem (In the name of Allah the Beneficent, the Merciful).

The following are some of the most common positions for having sex. In the end it’s whatever gives satisfaction to both partners (we don’t advocate any) Be creative Be respectful Enjoy what Allah has made lawful for you. There are many variations on position, but at the most basic level they are:

1. Man on Top

2. Woman on Top

3. Side by Side

4. Some other variation

The Kama Sutra (a Hindu text) has many many positions, but most seem impractical. As Anal sex is forbidden in Islam those positions are not shown. Rear entry is possible examples below but intercourse must be in vagina and not anus.

AFTER INTERCOURSE both spouses should have ghusl (bathe) Or if not make wudu And then have full bath or ghusl later.

The following positions are shown: Missionary, Woman on top, Lotus, Standing, Lunges


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